Issue 169


64-bit & iOS 8 Requirements for New Apps

Mandatory 64-bit support was always going to happen and I'm actually a little surprised it's taken over a year to happen. Hopefully you're all doing this already but if not, it should be as simple as as switching to the new standard architectures and recompiling. Remember to test though! I wonder if this drove the decision at all?

Stripe and Apple Pay

Apple Pay launched at the start of this week and as far as I can see it all went extremely smoothly. Next steps? Well as very few iOS developers also run bricks and mortar stores, let's integrate it into our apps 😄.

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I really don't need to say anything about this except this is playgrounds, for Objective-C, by Krzysztof Zabłocki. Check out the video too, super cool.


With the demise of Kickfolio/ earlier this year it might have seemed like you were out of choices if you wanted to run a version of your app on your marketing web page. There's no business model in sight yet but I hope they find a way to make this sustainable.


How I’d improve the UIScrollView.contentInset API

Kyle Sluder with a great article on contentInset in a UIScrollView. There are some very interesting ideas here, I hope they made it into a Radar too!


Michael Armstrong with an implementation of ActiveRecord in Swift. It's early days with this so if you want something along these lines that you can ship today then don't forget MagicalRecord which will still work with Swift, like any Objective-C code does. This might be one to watch for the future though.

About iCloud changes in 1Password 5

Great article on the transition from old iCloud to CloudKit in 1Password. It's been several months now since CloudKit was unveiled and the community is remarkably thin on horror stories about it, great news! Me? I'm sticking with Dropbox for syncing of something this important, for now.


Design Teardown: Stretchy Headers

I love the Yahoo News Digest app, the content is great but it's also presented beautifully (although it could do with an iPhone 6/6 Plus update!). Matthew Cheok takes us through the design in detail and guides us through an implementation of something very similar.

iOS Devices for Sketch

Robbie Pearce with a stunning set of iOS device templates for Sketch. Everything from the iPhone 4s and iPad 2 upwards has been beautifully rendered in resizable vectors (including all of the colour choices in the 5c range). Great resource!

Business and Marketing

10,000 apps later. Lessons learned

Kumar Thangudu and Brian Clark downloaded 10,000 apps in the last year. They have put together a set of lessons for app developers covering everything from optimising your app's landing page to doing UX checks.


iOS Developer at ForeFlight (Houston or Austin, TX)

Engineer the App Store's #1 aviation app.

Senior iOS Developer at Touchpress (London, UK)

A world-class team responsible for multiple Editors' Choice apps.

iOS Developer @ Blinker, Denver, CO

Help us change how used cars are bought and sold.

And finally...

The language of the future...

Try not to read the replies that took this seriously 😬.

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