Issue 17


Buzz Andersen on Web vs Native

Buzz Andersen makes some great points around the ease of use and fidelity of the Cocoa text and media rendering APIs compared to HTML in the continuing conversation around web vs native.

Big Fish Sells Subscriptions to Its Games on the iPad

Subscriptions for apps? This is very interesting if this is really a new policy rather than a one off decision. Time will tell I guess.


Uncrustify Automator Services

I hadn't come across uncrustify before but it looks like a good tool for keeping code formatting preferences in check across a team. Tony Arnold gives Xcode 4 some uncrustify integration with these automator workflows.

Using Automator to pimp your iOS asset preparation workflow

Let's just call this Automator week shall we? Lee Probert has published a walkthrough for creating a workflow to scale and rename assets for the retina display.


ECLogging - Better Logging For Objective-C

Following on from the NSLog links last week, Sam Deane has another take on a better logging solution for Objective-C.

Date and Time Handling in Cocoa Cheat Sheet

Ole Begemann has been doing a great series of posts on date handling in Cocoa recently and wrapped it up with this great cheat sheet for the date and time classes in Foundation.

iPhone Pull to Refresh

This is quite old code but I came across a link to it this week. Leah Culver's gives us her take on a pull to refresh table view controller. Yes there is lots of pull to refresh code out there but we can always use more right?

Advanced collision detection in Cocos2D

15 minute screencast from Bob Ueland on collision detection with Cocos2D.


The Sketchbook of Susan Kare

Photographs from the original sketchbooks of Susan Kare who designed the first proportionally spaced digital font and many of the original UI elements for the Mac. Beautiful.

Business and Marketing

Who Will Survive the Digital Tsunami?

Nicholas Lovell with a look at the iOS games market and I can't help but agree with his conclusions.

Learning the road of iOS development

Great post by Brian Kenny about the process of designing, creating and shipping his first iPhone app.