Issue 31



Airplay mirroring from your iPad 2 and iPhone 4S straight to the Mac. After last week's round up of iOS screen capture solutions could this be the answer that we have been looking for for screen capture of a real iOS device?


Git branch management with Xcode

Keith Harrison takes a look at git branching within Xcode 4. Unfortunately I like the idea of git support built in to Xcode way more than I like the implementation of it but this is worth a read if you use the built in git support in Xcode.

Kiosk Mode on iPad

The implications of this are huge if it works reliably.



I came across this comprehensive image utility library from Benjamin Godard this week. Filtering, blurring, masking, resizing, cropping, rotating, reflection, enhancement and all ARC compatible as well.

Insurgent Games Makes All Games Free, Releases Everything as Open Source

I haven't had a chance to check the source out yet but I am sure this will be interesting to some of you. There is always something to learn from browsing through another developer's code.


It's worth knowing about this subtle retain cycle when using assertions in a block. A nice reminder to always be aware of what a macro expands out to.

Business and Marketing

How to Successfully Pitch Your App And Make Sure It Gets Reviewed

Tope from App Design Vault interviews Erica Sadun from TUAW about getting your app noticed. An interesting interview with some good marketing tips.

The 2.0 Paradox

Johan Johansson on the problem of forever free updates to our apps.


iOS Dev Weekly on the Cocoanetics Podcast

I was interviewed by Oliver Drobnik this week for the Cocoanetics podcast so if you have an interest learning about the person behind this email or want to know how I create it each week then you might want to check this out.