Issue 6


Why native apps are here to stay

Lots of discussion after Jeremy Keith's presentation at UpdateConf this week on why web apps should replace native apps. Drew McCormack gives a nice overview of the talk, and offers an alternative view.


Git Is Simpler Than You Think

Struggling with Git? Nick Farina has a really readable dig into the internals of git.

The part of Xcode 4 that tires me out

We are many months into Xcode 4 now and the debate rolls on. Brent Simmons with some of the frustrations he still feels about the new UI.

The Final Cut Pro X Mentality

Martin Pilkington with the other side of the Xcode 4 debate.


Friday Q&A: Let's Build NSAutoreleasePool

Mike Ash deconstructs NSAutoreleasePool by reimplementing it. Great stuff.

Using Blocks: Understanding the Memory Management Rules

Not a new link but a great refresher on the memory management rules around blocks now that they are so prevalent.


Jim Dovey with an interesting grid view class in the style of UITableView.

Business and Marketing

Don’t be a dick

Graham Lee with the don't be a dick guide to data privacy.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7

It is always interesting when people share real numbers about their apps. Aspyre Apps take a look at whether porting their app to Android and Windows Phone 7 was worth the time and money it took to make it happen.

I've got an idea for an app!

An unexpected conclusion to the conversation that we have all had a million times.