So I missed the pre-orders but managed to pick up a Plus for myself yesterday. Why the Plus? I spent some time at the store with both models before making my purchase and if I'm completely honest, the Plus is simply too big for my taste. I mainly used my 5s one handed and while it's just about possible for me to type on the Plus keyboard one handed, I have abandoned hope of ever reaching that opposite corner button.

So why did I get one? Well, mainly because I just couldn't justify not using one. With the adaptive UI (and 3x to a lesser extent), I feel like not having a Plus as my primary phone would almost be irresponsible! Yes, we have access to simulators but there is no alternative to every day, real world use of a device to make you really think about how UI can and should work on this significantly larger display.

Now, does anyone know how where I can buy one of these? 😎

Dave Verwer  






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