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Just over a week to go. Whether you're going to the show, or whether you're heading to AltConf or Layers. Enjoy the week and here's a few tips from me this year:

  • You (probably) don't need to queue unless you want to be right at the front of the keynote. The last couple of years there hasn't even been an overflow room so you don't need to queue. However, the queue can be an experience in itself (I met several people who are still friends to this day on cold mornings outside Moscone) so if you do decide to do that, make sure you talk to the people around you. Oh and bring a coat, it's freezing at 5am in San Francisco.
  • Bring Radar numbers to the labs. So you've got this bug you've been struggling with for months. The labs are your chance to put it in front of a real engineer and show them your pain. It's your moment of glory, right? If you haven't already, file it as a Radar right now. The engineers will love you, and if you haven't already filed it they will still need you to do that before it gets fixed.
  • Book a UI review appointment for the Design Lab. They open up the appointments one day at a time and you'll stand the best chance if you're waiting at the doors when they open them. This is your only opportunity to get an Apple designer to critique your app. Don't miss it.
  • Pace yourself. You don't need to go to every session and you don't need to queue for every lab. Strike up a conversation with someone and take a few minutes out of the queues and relentless bombardment of information.
  • You will be more inspired than you have been all year during the week. I always struggle with the battle between the incredible desire to code new ideas and keeping the laptop closed as much as possible so I can have interesting conversations. My advice? Write your ideas down and keep the laptop closed as much as possible. You can dig into code when you get home but having thousands of iOS and Mac developers in the same city as you only happens once a year, enjoy it!

I would also have recommended going to the lunchtime "brown bag" sessions which can really be one of the conference highlights but I can't see them on the schedule this year. I hope they haven't been dropped.

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