Great week, right? So much news about the two three platforms, Swift 2 and the announcement that Siri in iOS 9 is going to be scripted by Jimmy Iovine. Amazing! 😧

I'm not going to try and cover everything that was announced here but I do want to highlight a few of my favourite bits. UIStackView looks fantastic and should make it much easier for the last of you who haven't yet adopted Auto Layout to finally get on board. You'll need to as well.

Swift 2 also looks like a great update. It adds a few features including @testable and availability checking but also has some sensible syntax changes too. Oh, and the new nullability changes in Objective-C makes writing code which interacts with UIKit and friends much smoother.

There's also a new set of Apple Developer Forums! The biggest change here is that they don't require a login which is great both for convenience and also the fact that Google will finally be able to index the content.

All in all, a very solid set of updates for both iOS 9 and OS X and as always, it's been a fantastic week in San Francisco. It was great to meet and talk to so many of you, thanks to everyone for saying Hi!

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