So Apple are doing some more tech talks and this year the focus is going to be on tvOS! Great news, especially as it didn't get any coverage at WWDC. Registration for tickets is now closed but If you didn't get your name in the hat in time, I'm sure there will be videos!

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iTunes Connect changes

Looks like a major update to iTunes Connect and TestFlight went live this week. Unfortunately I can't find an announcement post anywhere but there's plenty of great changes here, some which have been long awaited!

TestFlight limits have been increased on internal and external testers (up to 2,000) and builds now have a 60 day expiration up from 30. Bigger changes have been made to iTunes Connect itself though, with it now supporting 2FA on login and access to multiple developer accounts from a single Apple ID.

However, the most significant change to me is that you can finally set iTunes Connect users to only have access to a subset of the apps on your account. This, along with some more granular roles is huge news for larger companies where many people require some access, but not to every app.

Oh, and there's a new Shopping category on the store now too! ๐Ÿ›

All in all, this is a great set of updates!





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