There's been plenty of talk recently about the App Store and to be honest I've been avoiding linking to it. Not particularly because it was primarily focused on the Mac App Store, but because the majority of it had been said before, and there really were no signs that anything would change.

However, yesterday saw the announcement of Phil Schiller being given responsibility for the App Stores. The App Review team was already under his control as part of developer relations, but moving everything under one roof feels like an opportunity for some changes. New leadership is surely going to prompt a thorough look at how Apple sees the App Stores functioning and that can only be a good thing. I also agree with Rene Ritchie who would like to see someone have the App Stores as their primary responsibility, reporting to Schiller.

I wouldn't hold your breath for quick changes, but fingers crossed that this is the first step towards a brighter App Store future.

Dave Verwer  



If you're writing Swift, it's a fairly safe bet to assume you're writing it in Xcode, or possibly AppCode. But there were a couple of projects that caught my eye this week which could mean that your choices for editors/IDEs might expand over the next few months.




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