So the iOS 9.3 beta was made available earlier this week, and it includes a few fairly big features which is unusual for an x.1 release. The f.lux style "Night Shift" functionality is a welcome addition but what's really interesting here is that they're opening the door to multi user iOS. I'm not holding my breath for anything like this this arriving in vanilla iOS any time soon, but this is great news for iPads in education and it'll be fascinating to see how they've implemented it.

Xcode also received some love in the 7.3 beta. It's now trivial to switch between Swift toolchains and it finally gets fuzzy autocomplete πŸŽ‰. It looks like it almost got interactivity in playgrounds too! It's still possible that we'll see that in the final 7.3 release though.

Finally, iTunes Connect also got some updates this week with analytics now being supported for tvOS apps.

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