The biggest news this week for me was the announcement of an iOS developer training centre in Italy. Apple have a history of training and certification for their pro and server products but to my knowledge, outside of the Stanford University course they have never made any moves into developer training before.

It's not 100% clear from the press release, but given that it does mention that this training centre is "located at a partner institution", it's likely that this is more about developing a training (and certification?) programme for iOS developers rather than Apple getting into actually delivering training. This wouldn't be surprising at all because this is the way that the pro apps/server training mentioned above is structured.

There's obviously a huge, well established network of third party training providers for iOS developers (me included!) but there's no consistency over what gets taught. If this is the start of an official Apple curriculum for iOS development, I see that as a very positive move for the industry. There's still a huge skills shortage for iOS developers and more ways for people to get up to speed can only be a good thing.

I'm a little more skeptical on certification which can sometimes be nothing more than "do training course, get certified". Is a developer who has just emerged from a training course better than someone who has been doing it for years? No. However, they don't even mention certification in this press release and so I'm going to stop speculating on things that may never happen! I'm sure if they do go down that route, they'll carefully consider how to make the certifications meaningful.

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