So, how many of you can claim that your app broke links system wide on iOS? πŸ”₯ As I'm sure everyone is aware, the combination of the 9.3 update and the universal link association file in the app caused a nasty issue for plenty of people this week.

The unfortunate part of the bug is that once you'd run into it, fixing it was pretty complicated. Ben Collier has a good write up of the possible causes of the problem and it looks like it was a combination of factors, rather than purely the large association file.

Anyway, the drama is all over now because iOS 9.3.1 released yesterday included a fix and it also looks like the app was updated quickly too. I think the amount of flak that got in this was a little unfair though as this is Apple's problem whichever way you spin it. Yes, 2.4Mb is big for a file listing URLs but it's not ludicrously big and if Apple needed to put a limit on it, that's well within their power! I'm not trying to be too harsh to Apple either, bugs like this happen and it's definitely an edge case.

Still, it's all fixed now. πŸŽ‰

Full disclosure: have previously been a sponsor of iOS Dev Weekly on multiple occasions. I can assure you it didn't affect what I wrote here though.

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