Who's ready for WWDC? Siri is! Was this an intentional move or a premature deploy to the Siri servers? My guess is that it was intentional, and a fun way to get everyone talking for a few hours before the official announcement. Thanks Siri!

Anyway, there's a few changes this year with Monday's keynotes and the design awards being based in a different location. There's been some talk that with the increased seating capacity in the auditorium (~7,000 instead of ~5,000) that this is to increase the capacity for the conference as a whole, but again no one really knows. A change of scenery will be nice though!

If you're on the fence about whether to attend, you've still got about an hour to get your name in the hat for the lottery. If you need a little advice on the decision, why not take the next 30 minutes and listen to the latest episode of Under the Radar with Marco Arment and David Smith which takes a pretty balanced look at the pros and cons.

See you there, hopefully!

Dave Verwer  





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