There's been plenty of talk recently about how App Store review times are falling significantly. Looking at the numbers you can certainly see a clear trend and the recent raw data shows very few reviews taking more than a day.

Of course, the numbers from Review Times are only based on a tiny number of submissions compared to the total number of reviews that happen every day, but in my experience they do track the average reasonably accurately. This feels like a deliberate effort to reduce the times rather than it being an anomaly.

I wonder if this is preparation for an announcement of shorter, and more consistent review times at WWDC? When Phil Schiller took over full responsibility for the App Store last year, people predicted that he'd be making changes. Yes, he was already responsible for app review before his role changed, but new responsibility often makes you look at something with a fresh set of eyes.

However while the time taken for a review is important, it's consistency and communication that are much more significant. So as someone who is never happy πŸ˜ƒ, I'd like to wish for something more than a simple reduction in review duration. Imagine if you were guaranteed a notification about your review 24 hours after submission, with no exceptions. This notification would either say that your app was approved, rejected, or that the review needed to be escalated. There are always going to be apps that need additional time in review, but knowing with absolute confidence whether you're in that position after 24 hours would be fantastic.

Fingers crossed for good news either way at WWDC.

Dave Verwer  






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