There's been a huge conversation on the lack of dynamism in Swift over the last couple of weeks. It was originally started by Brent Simmons, but quickly extended to all corners of both the Mac and iOS community.

Even though Swift isn't currently dynamic you're still relying on those dynamic Objective-C roots every single time you call into UIKit. However, the specific point about whether Swift needs dynamism isn't what I found interesting. Instead, I think this is more about the Swift development process.

I agree with Wil Shipley when he says:

I urge anyone who's speculating about Swift's possible future missteps to look hard at the team that's brought us LLVM, clang, ARC, and Swift, and think, "it's pretty likely they'll handle this," and not, "OH GOD EVERYTHING I LOVE IS ENDING."

The team working on Swift inside Apple is incredible, and I trust them to make the right decisions for the various Apple platforms. I talked last week about how carefully and respectfully they are listening to the community and I'm confident that if dynamism needs to be added, it will be. Or, we end up with a different solution which might turn out to be even better.

That's not to say that this discussion isn't valuable! In fact, the discussion is essential and will certainly have been closely watched inside Apple.

This kind of conversation is the process, and the process is good.

Dave Verwer  





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