What a week! Anyone would think this was WWDC week, not the week before which is usually pretty quiet.

My plans have changed a little over the last few weeks and in the end I am going to be in San Francisco for WWDC this year! In fact, as this email is being sent I'm on my way. I hope to meet plenty of you out there, as usual. Please do say hi if you see me!

I'm not going to make a list of what we may or may not see announced next week, but I am going to make one prediction which is outside of the obvious things like new versions of iOS, OS X/macOS and Xcode. I think there's a good chance that we'll see Apple announce a Swift Playgrounds app for iOS which will ship alongside 3.0 later this year. This won't be a full blown Xcode by any stretch of the imagination, but it will be a step towards it.

There's several good reasons that Apple might do this, and why it might be this year:

  1. It'd make a great app that would fit well on iOS as it stands right now. By keeping the feature set to just playgrounds, there's none of the complex problems that something like Xcode for iOS would bring. No interface builder, no code signing, no hassle with installing or debugging between Xcode and your app. It's clean, simple and would be a great first step for development software on iOS.
  2. It would make a great education tool. Apple have a very strong history with education and they continue to promote their developer tools to the education market. iPads are a popular choice in schools and it'd give people a reason to promote Swift into that space.
  3. It supports the iPad Pro beautifully. The Pro has had a good launch and now is a great time build on that success with more serious apps. Playgrounds on iOS would do that.

It may not happen, but it feels like the time might be about right. So, maybe!

Whatever happens, and whether you're in San Francisco for the main conference, AltConf or Layers or at home, enjoy WWDC! I can't wait.

Dave Verwer  





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