UPDATE: It looks like the new tool is getting the results of its library analysis wrong. Please treat treat my conclusions below as incorrect. Sorry!

I was sent a link to this new tool for showing the most popular libraries in the top 200 free apps this week. The results are worth a look, but what I found interesting was how things have changed since the very similar analysis from Ryan Olson 9 months ago.

The most significant thing I noticed was in the networking libraries, and what they say about Swift adoption. When the original analysis was done, AFNetworking (Objective-C) was in the #3 spot and AlamoFire (Swift) was not even included on the list. Now, AlamoFire is at the #3 spot and AFNetworking has fallen to #11. The report claims that 62% of the top 200 apps include AlamoFire, and therefore Swift code. Ryan's analysis found that only 11% included Swift at all when he did his investigation. That's amazing progress in less than a year. ๐Ÿš€

Now, the two sets of analysis were done by different people, probably with different tools and so this could well be an incorrect conclusion to draw. However, if the results are accurate this is a great sign that Swift is being adopted in larger and more well established apps as well as new ones. Interesting!

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