Did you get a pre-order in? If you're hoping for a new phone (or watch) I hope you had fast clicking, or tapping skills. From watching Twitter, it looks like there may only have been about 7 jet black devices that were available for shipping next week! 😏

I've been thinking a lot more about the App Store cleanup during this week, and I've decided to run a little experiment on how effective it's going to be. It'd be easy to find some truly terrible apps and watch them disappear, but I'm interested in the grey area between good and bad. I've shortlisted some apps that are still ranked highly in searches for popular search terms, but that haven't been updated in at least 18 months and have reviews that complain about things like crashing on startup. These apps are clearly still being downloaded and I want to see what their fate is. I'm not going to name the apps as I don't want to embarrass the developers, or tip Apple off on which ones I'm watching! πŸ˜‚

I have no doubt the clean up will be effective, I 'm just curious where the line will be drawn.

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