Well, the Dash situation got even messier this week and unfortunately it looks like the end of this story is a sad one. Dash is gone from the App Stores for good, and the developer account will stay closed. 🙁

At the start of the week, I was actually pretty hopeful that it was all going to get sorted out. Apple made a statement and Bogdan made a post explaining things from his side. Both of these talked about two accounts that Apple had linked together by using bank account/credit card details. It appeared that the 2nd account, operated by a family member of Bogdan's was the one in violation of the rules. If Bogdan agreed to make a blog post saying Apple was not at fault, the main Dash account could be reinstated and everything would be OK.

Unfortunately, after sending a draft of that post to Apple, he made another post on his blog to try and clear things up and included an audio recording of a phone call between him and Apple. This was a really silly move, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is what caused the communication with Apple to break down, and why he didn't hear back about his draft post. Later that same day he posted a final update on his blog saying that the account was closed and Dash would not be returning to the store.

Anyway, the final chapter of this came yesterday with this statement he mailed to iMore. This finally feels like the full story, and while his intentions seemed good, I simply can't believe he was clueless about what was going on.

This is a messy story from start to finish. If it's true that Apple didn't email both accounts that they were going to shut down then that's a problem, but apart from that they were clearly in the right and the rest of the mistakes seem to be on Bogdan's side. What a shame for both Bogdan, and for the users of his apps. 😒

UPDATE: I just received clarification from Bogdan that his post talking about the draft he sent to Apple was made two days after the draft was made and sent over. The timeline is actually right there in the post but I made a mistake putting it together. This makes it much less likely to be the reason they didn't reply.

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