It's not that long ago that Apple promised to clean up the App Store and remove abandoned/broken apps. Fairly soon after the announcement developers started receiving notices that must update some apps and fix any issues, or have them removed. However, it's been all quiet on the subject since then, until now.

This week, data published by Sensor Tower highlighted that the number of apps removed from the store during October was up 3x over the average for the rest of the year with almost 50,000 disappearing. The games category was most affected, which isn't surprising given that many games are built and then abandoned but other categories were significantly affected too.

I've checked my list of apps that I said I'd monitor and it's interesting. Some of them have been updated, one of them has been removed (either by Apple, or by the developer) but the vast majority are still available and have not been updated. So, I don't think this is the end by any means and I expect we'll see even bigger numbers over the coming months!

Dave Verwer  





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