So this week saw a rather surprising acquisition from Apple and while I wouldn't usually cover acquisitions, this is one that could have implications for developers, so here goes.

Both the app, and the team have been acquired and while it remains on the store, admittedly without some of the existing integrations (the reason for which, I'm sure Marco Arment is correct about) we really don't know what's going to happen next.

My prediction (and hope!) is that the app sticks around in its current form, but I don't think we'll see updates with anywhere near the regularity that they've been maintaining until now. Instead, I hope that the team is already working on bringing better ways for apps to communicate into the core of iOS, and that what we see is better, public APIs that everyone can benefit from. I believe that would be a fantastic outcome and would show a commitment from Apple which might come as a surprise after last year's disappointing news about Sal Soghoian.

Given the timing of this, I'd be surprised if we saw anything appearing as a result of it in iOS 11, but maybe in 12? Oh and huge congratulations to the Workflow team! Amazing work both building an incredible app, but also having an opportunity to bring some of their thinking to iOS! πŸŽ‰

Dave Verwer  





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