Hello everyone. You may remember a few weeks ago that I opened up a writing position here on iOS Dev Weekly. Well, after a fantastic initial response, I've narrowed the field down to 4 people, and they are each going to write a guest issue over the next few weeks.

First up is Evan Dekhayser who has been working with iOS since 2013 and has been writing about it for most of that time too! He's a writer for, co-author of two iOS books and also has his own blog.

I'll hand you over to Evan now!

Dave Verwer  

WWDC lottery registration opened on Monday and will be closing in the next few hours. For those of you who threw your hats in the ring, all that's left is to hope for $1600 to disappear from your bank accounts. 💸 Even if you don't end up with a ticket, look at the list of other events that week before deciding to rule out a visit. There are many great ways to spend the week of WWDC in San Jose without an official badge.

Scholarship applicants still have until Sunday to submit their playground and essay. Some developers have reported problems using Playgrounds in Xcode 8.3, so if you run into trouble, check out this Apple-approved workaround. If you don't get in this year, my advice as a three-time applicant, two-time rejectee would be to use the rejection to drive you to do even more over the next year. That said, I hope to have the chance to meet as many of you in June as possible. 🤞

Evan Dekhayser  





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And finally...