Our final guest issue this week and we have Marius Constantinescu at the helm! Originally from Romania but now working for Nodes in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Over to you Marius!

Dave Verwer  

Most places, including where I live, had a few days off this week, so things have been a bit slow for some after the long weekend. Not for Apple, though, who released new betas of its OS-es as well as Xcode 8.3.2 this week, solving some regressions introduced in recent updates. It's the second update Xcode receives in the last two weeks, and while some see this as a sign of weakness, thinking "they must've broken something if they need to release an update so soon", I am impressed by the fact that a company as big as Apple can move this quickly to enable developers to keep doing what they do.

In other news, some developers are being invited to try an updated Bug Reporter, and Apple published its first npm package to enable playing Live Photos on the web. A lot of activity this week from Apple, which make me even more excited about WWDC. 😄

And don't forget about the scheduled maintenance for iTunes Connect, which will include downtime of up to eight hours tomorrow.

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