Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick note before we get started this week that iOS Dev Weekly now has three regular authors. As well as continuing to write issues myself, you'll be seeing regular contributions from both Evan Dekhayser and Vicc Alexander. 🎉 Thanks to everyone who applied!

Dave Verwer  

The Apple Watch has received some attention over the last week, in two very different ways. According to Apple's quarterly results, Apple Watch sales have doubled year-over-year, and now earns enough more than some Fortune 500 companies on its own.

However, the apparent success of the Apple Watch does not seem to transfer to developers. As it turns out, Google Maps, eBay and Amazon removed their Apple Watch apps without anyone really noticing. Google has confirmed it plans to bring the app back, but it says a lot about Apple Watch usage that these high-profile apps disappeared so quietly.

watchOS 3 did a lot to improve watch app capabilities, but it seems to not be enough to drive more usage. I'm hoping for significant changes in June to improve the overall app experience in watchOS 4 to drive more users toward the app ecosystem.

Evan Dekhayser  





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