The purpose of the App Store Review Guidelines has always been to make the App Store a safe and trustworthy place to download software. Unfortunately, this is a tricky thing to enforce and it won't come as a surprise to most of you that this week we saw yet another failure with a scam virus checker app make it through to the store.

In the article, Johnny Lin spotlights the misleading and fraudulent tactics used by these apps to scam users, like offering $100/week subscriptions as "free trials". I'm stunned these apps pass review and trick enough users to get into the Top Grossing Apps chart without raising any red flags.

It does appear that the app from the article has been removed from sale, but I really hope more changes are made internally to prevent scams like this from getting through like this. These types of apps hurt the reputation of the store as a whole as well as developers who are trying to run honest businesses.

Evan Dekhayser  




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