Happy Friday everyone!

One thing that I didn't quite notice the significance of when I read Evan's link to the Swift 5 announcement last week was that the evolution process is changing.

Every proposal must now be accompanied by a working implementation, with test cases, before being considered for review. That's quite a big change and I think it speaks to the overwhelming popularity of Swift as an open source project. Requiring an implementation requires significantly more work up front before even getting to the stage where reviewers are being diverted from their other work. Also as I'm sure we all know, starting to implement an idea often unearths design issues you had missed when it was a lovely, clean, fluffy perfect idea. ⛅️

Of course, There's still a place for discussions of new features if you have an idea but no time, desire or ability to implement it so I really have no problem with this as a concept. In fact I think it's a great change as the language matures.

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