The notch is real, and we’re being asked to embrace it. πŸ€—

Of course, my views on the notch will settle when I'm using the phone every day (yes, of course I'm going to get one) but from first impressions, I think everything is going to be just fine and I'd even go as far as to say I quite like the "ears" in portrait mode! Landscape is a different story and in my opinion is a UI disaster with all kinds of compromises like weird padding and ... this 🀣, but who uses their phone in landscape? Pretty much the only time I ever rotate mine it's to watch video or play a game which will both be completely fine with a notch shaped hole on the side.

Xcode 9 GM also appeared after the keynote, and naturally it includes a simulator for the new devices as well as the ability to submit iOS 11 apps. Don't delay your releases because of the new phone though, with a November shipping date you've plenty of time to make those adjustments.

What adjustments, you ask? Read on...

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