It was this tweet a few weeks ago that set me thinking about the iOS 11 App Store redesign and whether I thought it had been a success after a few months in the wild. To cut a long story short, I think it has!

I'm not at the point where I think of the App Store as a destination when I want to read something, but I do browse the Today tab almost every time I end up in the app for some other reason. The interviews are good, the curated app lists are usually solid and most times I visit there's something of interest to look at. That's amazing for what was nothing more than a dumb storefront for 9 years and it's certainly increased the amount of money I spend there again. I'd love to see Apple's numbers on total App Store revenue as a result of the redesign.

I was brought back to thinking about it again this week by the announcement and expansion of the Best of 2017 awards that were published not only in the App Store but also on the web. Is this "Best of ..." now the new Apple Design Awards? Certainly it's going to result in more exposure than the design awards, and I think the prestige is there too.

I'm not saying there's no problems with the App Store anymore by any stretch, but I think Apple have done a great job of turning this aspect of the App Store around and that the redesign ahs been a success. Now, let's talk about the Mac App Store? 😂

Dave Verwer  






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