Happy new year! 🎉

In the first big story of the year, Apple has acquired buddybuild. I haven't personally used buddybuild, but it gets Dave's seal of approval (and not just because they are a longtime sponsor of this newsletter!). The team behind it is being merged into the Xcode team at Apple, which is probably a good indicator of where Xcode Bots may be going in the future.

Changes are already being made to the buddybuild service as well – support for Android will be dropped this March, and they are no longer accepting new users. As Apple begins integrating buddybuild into its existing developer ecosystem, don't be surprised when other changes come along, both good and bad.

Acquisitions of developer tools always leave me torn. Often, they benefit developers, but with a cost: with TestFlight, we got better provisioning, better user management, and no additional subscription, though beta builds must now go through app review and Android support was dropped. Overall, this seemed to work out for iOS developers – and I'm cautiously optimistic that Apple will handle buddybuild in a very similar way.

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