Happy Friday!

You've probably grown tired of hearing about the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities by now and you'll have been told a thousand times that any device with a modern processor including ARM-based and Intel CPUs are all vulnerable. All except one... the Apple Watch. 😳

So next time someone tells you you wasted your money on an Apple Watch, you can look them dead in the eye, walk away, and know that at least your wrist is secure. 😏

Oh, and before I forget, we've also added a new section to the newsletter called Up to Speed. More on that below! Enjoy!

Vicc Alexander  





Up to Speed

How about something new for 2018? Most of the content in this newsletter is aimed at people with an intermediate knowledge of iOS development but it can potentially seem a little intimidating to someone just getting started. So this occasional section is going to include articles that we come across that are especially good for people trying to learn the ropes. That doesn't mean you won't learn something if you're already there though! We’re excited to hear your feedback on this change to the newsletter.


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