I read Chris Adamson's article on iOS developer conferences in 2018 yesterday and it was a good reminder that in previous years I've always linked to a round up of conferences in January. So, let's start this week with his big list of 2018 iOS conferences. 🙌

But Chris is actually making a different point in his article, that there are significantly less iOS conferences these days than there used to be, and that conferences are expensive, hard to get to, and rarely run at anything more than a break even. He even suggests that virtual conferences might be the answer.

But Marco Arment nailed it in his follow up post:

I don’t know how to fix conferences, but the first place I’d start on that whiteboard is by getting rid of all of the talks, then trying to find different ways to bring people together — and far more of them than before.

That has always been the value of conferences for me, even WWDC. It's not about what's being shown in the session rooms, it's the "hallway track" that has always provided the best experience, and the most value for me from that $1,600 WWDC ticket.

So, where should we all get together? I'm in. 😀

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