Apple PR had a busy week! Many of the announcements don't directly affect developers, but there are more than a few dev related things to highlight. For starters, many of you will be interested to read about the changes in ARKit 1.5 (Apple releasing an significant a SDK change mid-cycle – unheard of!) 🐲

Swift Playgrounds is also being pushed forward, with the new ability for creators to provide content with subscriptions. This was always a huge opportunity since the first playgrounds appeared on iPad and I'm really looking forward to see the great instructional material developers come up with.

Last but not least, we're seeing Apple push macOS forward quickly too. With January 30 being the last date to submit new 32-bit apps to the Mac App Store and Xcode 9.3, now in beta, including tools to help bring apps to 64-bit. However, this update also requires macOS High Sierra so those of you who don't like to update to the latest versions of macOS will soon have no choice. 😣

Apple has never been afraid to push software forward quickly and this tends to be good for users, and good for developers who rely on a stable, constantly improving operating system to build apps for. Overall, I'm feeling pretty confident in the state of iOS. 👍

Evan Dekhayser  






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