Does filing a radar work? Certainly a radar will increase your chances of getting a bug fix or improvement implemented from 0% to some value very slightly above 0%. 😀But you know this already, so what's my point?

Back in Issue 323, James Dempsey's article caught our attention with his appeal to change Xcode's implementation of git blame to not include the word blame. I liked the post, and I agreed with it but I must admit I never thought it would happen.

Then the betas of Xcode 9.3 started appearing in late January (yea, I know this news is a couple of weeks old now!) and sure enough the blame view is now "Authors View" and "Show Blame for Line" is now "Show Last Change for Line"! 🎉

So next time you find yourself complaining about something in Xcode, make sure you also file that radar at the same time. You never know what might happen!

Dave Verwer  





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