Are you involved enough with your local iOS developer community?

A tweet caught my eye this week and it made me remember all the good experiences with various developer groups I've been involved with over the years.

I also got a message from a friend that a new meet-up was starting close to where I live, which also reminded me that I haven't been to my regular local group in far too long as I have a long standing clash of events on the evening when it usually takes place. So, I changed my priorities and booked to attend both of those next meetings and I'll make them a priority in the future too!

Meetup is completely dominant in terms of community events like this, so if you've been lazy in engaging with (or even with discovering) your local developer community, take that tweet thread I linked above, and these few words as inspiration and get out there and meet some old friends, or make some new ones. I promise it'll be worth it.

Dave Verwer  





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