Congratulations if you got lucky in the WWDC lottery! I won't be at the main event this year, but I will be in the city 🎉 which gives me a great excuse to talk about all of the other wonderful events that are going on that week.

First up, as always is the ever reliable AltConf. There will be live streams of the Keynote and State of the Union talks, then it's straight into community talks & sessions for the rest of the week. Oh, and if you fancy speaking there's also a call for speakers open at the moment. Tickets are available right now.

Then, there's Next Door with a great line up of speakers already announced and again, tickets already available.

Taking a slightly different approach, there's try! Swift also making an appearance in San Jose. It's only a one day event, but it's an interesting one. Starting with a panel discussion on Swift it then goes into a hack day contributing to the language. If you've always wanted to get started with the process of developing Swift itself, you should definitely earmark Friday for this event. Tickets are also already available.

Finally, if you're more interested in the design side of things then Layers is also returning. No speakers or tickets available yet but there's an email list (and a simply stunning display of CSS) on the page so get yourself down on that list if you're interested!

Did I miss any other conferences in San Jose that week? I know there are lots of other events, but I'll cover those closer to the time. I'll tweet any other conferences I missed over at the iOS Dev Weekly Twitter.

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