I have a favour to ask! A couple of weeks ago I launched the iOS Dev Directory, an attempt to build a comprehensive list of blogs on iOS development. While it certainly had a great launch with over 85 pull requests merged and new sections being added for several non-English language sites, I know it's still only managed to catalogue a fraction of this community.

So, the favour? Most pull requests I had so far were to add the blog of the person or company making the pull request. This is absolutely fine of course, but what about the rest of the community that don't subscribe here or haven't yet seen the site? Please check the directory again, not just for your own site but also for the other sites that you love and contribute the missing ones. If there's nothing missing, please spread this message so that it reaches people who might not have seen the directory yet. I'd really love to get a whole load more pull requests this week to build it out even further.

Thanks! Now, let's get on with this week's round up of links…

Dave Verwer  







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