I want to start this week talking about Xcode, and how wonderfully stable this current beta is. Ever since last year's Swift rewrite of Xcode 9, our favourite developer tool has been a pleasure to use and I'm happy to say that the upgrade to v10 continues that trend! 🚀 It's fast (except for loading Storyboard files), reliable and feels really solid.

The platform betas this year are also relatively stable by all accounts, but they get talked about a lot and Xcode seems to be so solid I'm not even seeing conversations about it, which is amazing.

I can't remember the last time I had to switch back from an Xcode beta to the release version and I never hesitate to install new betas (although that's partly because they can run alongside the latest release). Xcode isn't perfect, but it's a great tool, it's really stable and should be celebrated. 🎉

Dave Verwer  





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