I mentioned the ten year anniversary of the App Store last week but nothing could have prepared me for the explosion of tweets and articles this week with so many memories of the journey we've all been on.

Remembering right back to the beginning, Craig Hockenberry had an astute observation that the App Store immediately blew away our expectations of the types of apps that would be popular. It's really easy to forget just what a new frontier it was.

Looking back at the first apps that I bought it's been a little surprising to see that some of them, that I loved and were incredibly popular are still going strong. It really did change the world of selling software.

I also want to mention the amazing coverage of the anniversary that MacStories have been publishing all week. I'd recommend Alex Guyot's summary as well as the articles by Stephen Hackett on a timeline of changes and Ryan Cristoffel on the various controversies over the years.

Oh, and don't forget it's not only the App Store that launched ten years ago! 😱

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