I almost never talk about sponsorship but I want to start this week's issue with a quick note about it.

Over the years many companies have been generous enough to sponsor this newsletter and I'd like to extend my thanks again to all of them for supporting what I do here!

In recent years you may have noticed a trend towards repeat sponsorships from large companies. I'd love to bring back a little more diversity for you as a reader by bringing in some new sponsors, and especially some smaller companies that may have felt like the pricing was previously out of reach.

So if you're an indie developer, small company or a bootstrapped startup then I'd like to offer you a limited time 50% discount to make sponsorship a little more affordable. There are a few slots available in August and September so please get in touch if you think what you do might be of interest to this wonderful community.

This week also feels like a great time to make this offer as this issue's sponsor is a fantastic example of an independent developer producing something perfect for you all.

Alright, apologies for the interruption... On with the links!

Dave Verwer  





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