The big news this week is that Apps and In-App Purchases are being removed from the iTunes Affiliate Program on the 1st October. As many people have pointed out this is a big blow to independent App Store journalism, and sites like Touch Arcade may be untenable without it.

This is the controversial sentence from the announcement though:

With the launch of the new App Store on both iOS and macOS and their increased methods of app discovery, we will be removing apps from the affiliate program.

Apple is well within its rights to do whatever it likes with the affiliate programme, including shutting it down. They owe us nothing. But implying that it's because the new App Store provides enough discovery by itself is arrogant, and also wrong! I'm a huge fan of the new App Store stories but they are just one part of what's needed.

Unlike most of what I've read on Twitter, I don't think that this is a services revenue grab and I definitely don't buy that this has anything to do with preparing for a reduction in their 30% cut. 😂 I think this is just something they feel they don't need to do anymore. They may not need to do it but that doesn't mean they shouldn't.

There are other ways to make money writing about apps, and sites will find ways to survive but this is disappointing news. 😞

Dave Verwer  





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