Happy Friday! Are you all enjoying your shiny new devices? I picked up both a new phone and a new watch this year and they both feel great. The watch especially is a huge upgrade from the Series 2 that I was using. It's so much faster!

I remain fairly skeptical on the watch as an app platform, as I have been since its debut in 2015. Since getting the new watch, I went through all my apps looking for updated watchOS 5 versions to see if any caught my attention. Even though there have been some notable updates, I still don't use any third party apps at all. What I do use it for is health and fitness tracking, so the biggest improvement for me is that I can now start a workout in 3 seconds rather than the 10+ seconds it used to take! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

I'm also very impressed with watchOS 5, it has always felt like the initial releases of previous major watchOS versions always brought some quite serious bugs with them, but this one has been rock solid for me.

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