I want to start this week talking about this post by Becky Hansmeyer. It's an outstanding example of a well done marketing post for her independently run app, Snapthread.

If you've ever heard me talk about marketing for smaller/independent developers, or if you caught my recent conference talk on product management, you'll have heard me say that marketing is all about telling stories. Becky's post is a perfect example of beautiful storytelling in product marketing. It's so totally authentic, and also clearly explains what the app does for you by telling the story of recovering potentially lost memories. She also uses the almost too perfect example of those memories being about the first few weeks of a newborn child. 😂

Ironically, I didn't end up buying the app (Oh no, Dave! Don't ruin this!) but only because I don't take Live Photos (although the post also made me think I should!). Even so, it still worked. First of all I'm talking about it here, which means some of you will certainly buy it. But I'll also have this story in my mind when I'm talking to friends and family about taking photos on their phones and will probably recommend it several times after reading this post. Even though it didn't directly result in a sale from me, it still had huge value.

Every time I speak to independent developers trying to make an app profitable, they all acknowledge that they need to be doing more marketing. Unfortunately, the fact that they don't think they will be good at it quite often translates into not even really trying. This is proof that if you put the work in on telling great stories on your marketing, your efforts can pay off. Tell people why you built your app and make them as passionate about it as you are! Of course, you need to start with a good app, but on its own that's just not enough.

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