Will 2019 be the year of Linux on the desktop professional apps on the iPad? Will we see the iPad finally become the future of Post-PC computing?

After this week, it certainly seems possible. As you'll have already seen, Adobe previewed "real" Photoshop running on an iPad at their Max conference on Monday. Then yesterday Apple announced their (presumably iPad focused) event on the 30th.

The tag line to the Apple event, "There's more in the making" certainly feels like it could apply to creative, or pro apps. Maybe, along with the new hardware, we'll see something like Logic, or Final Cut for iPad announced? Then, with these new apps and hardware it'll surely be time for the iPad to dominate. Right?

New hardware and big name apps are good for the platform, but is it enough? We already have amazing apps on the iPad, just look at Affinity Photo and Designer, MindNode, Ulysses, Microsoft Office, iWork, OmniGraffle, OmniPlan, Procreate and so many more. The list of professional apps on the platform is big, and the apps are amazing. More will always be good, but the lack of apps is not the problem. So, it's the hardware? No. Even the 2nd generation iPad Pro models are still incredible devices and they'll undoubtedly get better this year.

Apple are also doing good work with iOS. They are attacking the problem from multiple angles with features like file management, split screen multitasking, and a solid push towards education.

The ship of mainstream computing is very slow to turn though, and the iPad is very different type of device to where most people get work done. I still think that an iOS device that more closely resembled a traditional laptop would be a good idea, but I don't think we'll see that this year.

Anyway, I'll be looking for hints towards the longer term plan. I'm sure we won't see it spelled out in great detail, that's not Apple's style. But I'm sure the direction will be set, and I'll be watching for that.

Dave Verwer  




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