For me, Tuesday's most interesting announcement was the change of iPad connector from Lightning to USB-C. Not because of the connector itself, but because of where it shows where some of Apple's attention for the iPad is being focused.

External display support via USB-C was explicitly mentioned and I think that's really important to how we might start to think about apps on the iPad.

As always, the clues have been there all along too. As Jordan Morgan noticed, WWDC session 233 mentioned external display support APIs 5 words into the presentation. These APIs aren't new, but new hardware changes the potential of them.

Imagine a world where some kinds of apps were designed to be used with an external monitor and keyboard, with maybe the main iPad display flat on the desk showing a secondary screen for interaction. It certainly gives the iPad a different feel and opens up plenty of opportunity for "desktop" style apps.

It's going to be interesting to see what we all do with it!

Dave Verwer  





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