Happy Thanksgiving! Even though I'm not American and so I don't officially celebrate this holiday, I have been giving thanks this week for the continuing, positive health changes in my life that have been the focus of my last 18 months. I hope you all took a moment, no matter where you're located and found something to be thankful for too.

As always, I'm also thankful to this wonderful community for all of the amazing content you produce, and for every one of you who choose to read what I write about it!

Finally, my thanks also go to everyone who gave feedback in last week's little poll. The kind comments you all left were unexpected, and very touching! The good news is that the overwhelming majority (~96%) voted in favour of keeping my comments in place at the start of the newsletter. I may not write something every week, but when I have something to say about iOS development, here is where I'll say it.

I also loved that lots of you took the opportunity of the free text field in last week's poll to leave general feedback. It's just worth mentioning that you never need to wait for me to ask you for that! Since the very beginning, getting a message to me has been as simple as just hitting reply. These emails are sent from my real email address, and replies always come directly to me.

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