Let's start this week with this post from John Gruber:

But it speaks to how weak this convention is that Procreate Pocket could do something not just different but totally different β€” multi-finger taps with no on-screen buttons β€” and not just get away with it but be celebrated by Apple for it.

I agree that the Undo "gesture" of shaking the device is awful, but experimentation with interactions on small screen touch devices are really important and fundamental advances in iOS have happened because of them. A good example is what happened when Loren Brichter was trying to find a way to remove the refresh button from Tweetie, and came up with Pull to Refresh. While often misused, this was still a genuine step forward for the platform and it came from a UI experiment in a 3rd party app.

John's point is more that we're ten years into small screen touch UI, and we're still struggling to have a good system wide UI for undo. That's a very valid point, of course, but I hope we'll all keep experimenting until we get there. This doesn't always have to come from Apple.

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