As part of my continued attempt to fight the negativity around Marzipan I want to highlight the amazing work that Steve Troughton-Smith has been doing this week.

Marzipanify has been around for a while, but this week Steve kept himself very busy with three lengthy blog posts about it. Bringing iOS Apps to macOS Using Marzipanify, Making Marzipan Apps Sing, and Deeper Integration with Marzipan. The posts speak for themselves and you should read them all if you have even a passing interest in the technology.

I love the attitude with which he is approaching these posts though. He's not just looking at what shipped last year, he's pushing to see what the technology might be capable of when it's (presumably) announced this summer. For example:

With just a little care and attention, suddenly your UIKit Mac app no longer feels like a foreign invader. It'll fully be within developers' power to make great Mac apps w/ UIKit.

Best of all, he's doing all of this with a hacked together, half baked version of this technology that was far from ready last year. I can't wait to see what's possible after Apple have spent another year working on it internally. 🎉

Brent Simmons also gets it. I have a very similar list of questions that I'll be watching for answers to during this years WWDC.

I'm genuinely excited to see what'll be possible… and I'm not even planning to write an app with it. 😀

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