Let's get this week started by celebrating a small anniversary. It's been one year since the iOS Dev Directory went live! 🎉

When I launched the site I hoped it would become a comprehensive directory of sites publishing regular content on iOS development. Selfishly, I also hoped it would be the easiest way for me to expand the people who I listen to on a regular basis. 😀

So, has it been a success so far?

I'd say it definitely has! On day one the directory contained 184 entries and throughout the year I've continued to add more. There have also been over 190 community contributions and the directory now contains 461 sites! That's amazing.

But… I'm quite sure there are plenty of sites that are still missing so let's all give it a bit of a bump on its birthday shall we? Go and check the page for your blog, your colleague's blogs and your friend's blogs. If any of them are missing, you know what to do. Then, would you mind sharing it? I think it's probably got most of the blogs run by people who are aware of this newsletter, but what about all the people who have never seen iOS Dev Weekly? The only way it's going to reach them is if you all share it to your followers. Thanks!

I wonder how many sites it'll track next March? 🤞

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And finally...