If you applied for a WWDC ticket this year then you'll have either received a purchase confirmation the dreaded commiseration email by now. I'm very happy to say that I was lucky enough to win the lottery this year! 🎉 My flight and accommodation were already booked, so I was going to be in the city anyway but it's good to know I'll be allowed in the convention centre. 💸

With an event like WWDC where demand far outstrips supply there is no perfect process for distributing tickets. I think we can all agree that the lottery system is significantly better than the old "I can click faster than you can" system which inevitably crashed the site. However, it still makes for some tense moments when banks can't quite get their act together. 😀

These days getting a golden ticket really isn't as important as it might feel though as there's plenty going on outside the McEnery Convention Center too! If you didn't get a ticket, but are still going to be in San Jose then AltConf and Layers have already announced their 2019 editions and based on previous years there may be more. There's also plenty of evening events already being announced. 🎸 The most important part of that week is the people you meet, not in which building you meet them.

But even being in San Jose isn't everything! Whether you stay watch along from home with the live stream, or attend some of the community events that are already springing up, it's going to be a fantastic week! I can't wait.

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