Last night I was catching up on the week's iOS news and I found myself nodding along with point after point in this article on Apple's long term Marzipan strategy from Curtis Herbert. As I've said before I'm not expecting huge changes to Marzipan over what has been discovered over the last 12 months, but I'm definitely expecting some.

So far most of the criticism has been around things like platform fit, but Curtis makes the point that there are many things that are needed before that can be the top priority:

The real can of worms opens before we even get to worry about if our apps look at home on the Mac: it begins in just worrying about getting them to run. That means every framework we use on iOS has to be there on the Mac, in some form.

He's got a point, macOS and iOS have separated significantly over the years with so many iOS only APIs being introduced. He suggests that one focus of this year's Marzipan release might be something less susceptible to criticisms of platform fit, games.

To me games seem like they'll be the low-hanging-fruit of a v1.0 Marzipan rollout as they'll require the least framework surface area to support. Their AppKit support needs will be minimal too: keyboard/mouse support, a menu bar item or two, and boom(ish) you've got a native-feeling Mac game.

He's not saying that the Marzipan story will be entirely about games (and I also hope it isn't!), but that they may well feature prominently. I do worry that given how much negativity there has been in our community about Marzipan, that whatever they announce this year will only be seen as disappointing.

So what I really hope for in June is that Apple map out their strategy for Marzipan with a little more clarity. Obviously they're not going to give us any information on things like ARM based Macs, but that doesn't mean they can't let us in on the software roadmap a little bit. If platform fit is taking a back seat this year over framework compatibility and games, that's OK but it does mean the wailing and moaning will be deafening for the next 12 months if that's all they present.

They probably won't, but I can live in hope... 🤞

Dave Verwer  



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